Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10.00 a.m. All you need to do is walk in and join us! You take part only if you feel comfortable doing so. We give high importance to the teaching and preaching of the Bible, staking everything on our belief that the Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word to the world.

Singing to the Lord is an important part of worship and witness, so this inevitably forms part of the service. The hymns and songs combine both traditional and recently composed pieces.

Every Sunday morning we celebrate “The Lord’s Supper”, or “Communion”. We share bread (gluten free) and grape juice (or communion wine), which remind us of the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus.

Our services for this week are:

SUNDAY 21 October: 10:00am - Communion, then Eli Savill will be speaking from God's Word,  the Bible. 

MONDAY 22 October: Labour Day - Office closed

TUESDAY 23 October: 10:00am -  Coffee & Craft

7:00pm - Men's BSF Group

WEDNESDAY 24 October: 6:30am - Men's Prayer Breakfast

9:30am - Mainly Music

THURSDAY 25 October: 10:00am - Ladies Bible Study - no creche

7:00pm - Youth Group Bible Study

FRIDAY 26 October: 6:30pm - Junior Rally

SATURDAY 27 October 7:00am - Men's Breakfast

SUNDAY 28 October: 10:00am - Communion then Geoff Smith will speak from God's Word, the Bible.


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